about me


about me

hey there! my name is terra! i do illustration, music !! mainly. i also do html, take care of two gardens, and study cultures/religions in my spare time! (including the middle east, islam/christianity/judaism, eastern asia, shintoism and endangered religions such as the mandeans/ yazidis/ zoroastrians). pronouns? i dont rly care, they/them is fine.

i currently work on many stories, though the ones that i have actually put down include the following: reanimatte, champagne circus, bronze gear, ghosts of willowville, M.G.N.P (MULTI-GENRE NOISE PARTY), the split zone, and hana hinansho. i have a lot of characters, but my main two are insom and aesthetic! i don't really have an actual sona, though. i also own a species called floatyies!

i'm a very opinionated person, but i tend to be very open minded! i dont mind at ALL if you have a different opinion than me! the only time i WILL mind it, though, is if it's hateful or harmful. i'm open to discussing opinions, ideas, or ideologies with people! civily that is, haha. and i do keep in mind that your life is none of my business.

some of my interests include: osomatsu-san, (just about) every cn show (except SU and TTG really,,), sparklecare hospital, little bear, daniel tiger's neighborhood (can't believe i'm saying that), gravity falls, and one punch man!!

i love a lot of music artists! including ♥ GOJII ♥, C418, lapfox trax/halley labs, kero kero bonito, foster the people, my chemical romance, in love with a ghost, aphex twin, t+pazolite, russelbuck and more!!

i have very severe anxiety and am anxious A LOT, so apologies in advance if i don't reply to you professionally or at all!! i'm very intimidated by people. but feel free to hmu! i'm online like, constantly lol.

music // BGC418 by C418