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illustrator/musician/sound designer



hey!! my name is terra, or milo, and i'm another one of your average skater boy artists who loves pink, green, plants, skateboards, and much more stuff!! you can also call me miles. i am an illustrator, musician, and sound designer from texas! in my spare time, i do html/css, study the middle east, and study politics. feel free to talk to me!! i really don't bite!

right now i am taken by the stellar amaya or pxssionette on social media. amaya is the best person ever!! i love her so much, and i'm so glad you're my girlfriend amaya. my friends marlene, alexis, xenon, elliot, cal, margo, and lexxy are also amazing !! i love all of my friends very much.

what is this,, more about me?? hmm,, well, i'm a heterosexual/panromantic guy cruisin' in the united states right now. texas to be exact. born and raised there!! i live on a tiny island here called galveston. it's like, almost the size of singapore. which is really small. i wear hats like it's a living. i basically live off of pocky, music, and love from my girlfriend (yes, it's basically food). uhh, i listen to music like. constantly. i like a lot of things that you can check out over on the right side!! i guess that's all for now.


i love my friends and amaya,, oh, and i like a bunch of music artists!! like gojii, lapfox trax/halley labs, c418, madeon (omggm madeon,,), porter robinson/virtual self, machine girl, m1dy, moe shop, zedd, mat zo, foster the people, my chemical romance, anamanaguchi, russelbuck, gfoty, charli xcx, sophie, kero kero bonito, shawn wasabi and twenty one pilots!! yeah,, a lot,, lol. i also like ghosts, vintage stuff, pink/green/orange, osomatsu san, basically every cn show that isn't steven universe, little bear, daniel tiger's neighborhood, and mobile suit gundam!! oh, and sharon creech's books!!

i strongly dislike sjws and nazis,, and terfs,, please don't talk to me if you're one,, i also dislike drama if i'm involved,, please don't stir up anything unecessary,, yeah.



my beautiful gf aa 💖💖

my best friend. ever. 💖💖