reanimatte is the story of a species of animals who have been persecuted by humans- but they don't know why. they are a nomadic sort of species, and they usually will set up a village with each other. their world is split into two parts, the "void" and reality. fakeanimattes live in the void, while reanimattes live in reality. the species of a reanimatte is the idea of a mammal that has the design based off/traits of a concrete noun. their species are physically agender. when they eat food, their body uses every single bit of it for a purpose, hence why they don't need to dispose waste from food. they reproduce through feelings and touch of hands, the offspring usually being a combination of the two. fakeanimattes are reanimattes based off of an abstract noun. they are set to live in the void and cannot exit it without a rip happening in the fabric of the void. they are use to an abstract world and usually find reality strange the first time they enter it. a combination of a fakeanimatte and reanimatte is born in reality, but can enter both reality and the void by warping through thoughts. they will have traits of both a fake and reanimatte.