Welcome to Austin's colony! Here, you can make money off of lumber, cotton, and livestock! Infact, you can make money off of many things! We have great farm land, amazing people with great moral character, and Catholic priests! Scared of the depression in the United States? Move here, to Texas!

Austin's colony has great land for farming! Located in between the Brazos and Colorado rivers, the farmland is abundant. Are you a man? Yes you, a married man with children? Well, you already get 640 acres for being a man! 320 extra with your wife! 160 per kid! And even 80 acres for each slave! Great land for raising livestock, cotton, and lumber! Only 12.5 cents an acre! You hear that? 12.5 CENTS! Make the most of this special deal and come down to Texas! Wonderful soil, excellent water, and did we mention rich, black soil? All yours! Clear, pure water! Amazing soil!

We only have a few requirements for our colony! You must be Catholic. That's right, we're not asking for much, just convert to Christianity and you're one/third of the way there! You've gotta have good moral character, too! Make sure you're a good person and all that. Finally, you must become a Spanish citizen. That's right, only those three things are required and you're all set!

Wait, there's more! If you come down now, you'll get no taxes for 10 years! That's right, 10 years! Ever thought of somethhing so grand? Amazing? So come on down to Texas! We've got everything!